Brevard Little Theatre (BLT) is at a crossroads.

We have survived through good years and bad. Our mutual love of community theatre has kept us alive. This year, BLT is on the upswing. Attendance is rising. Audience reaction has been outstanding. Volunteer support is growing.

But after 12 years of performing at the American Legion Hall, our lease will not be renewed in May 2020. This is either going to be our worst nightmare or our dream come true.

Our community is blessed with a vibrant art scene. Live, local theatre must continue to be a part of that. As you know, it is very costly to keep a community theatre running. Now we are fighting to survive.

A place of our own!

With a move now inevitable, we have begun exploring properties and have initiated conversations with community leaders. Our vision is to build not only a community theatre, but a theatre for the community. This will include space for performances, children’s programs, adult education, and collaborative projects with others who share our passion for the arts. Obviously, this project will require a capital campaign and the support of members like you. We must act quickly. If we do not, BLT may have to go dark for a time. If this happens, we will lose necessary revenue generated by performances, halt the amazing momentum we’ve created, or worse.

BLT has proudly entertained the community for 85 years. Please. Help us ensure that our community continues to experience live, local theatre for the next 85.

Here’s how you can help us today:

    Either visit our Capital Campaign GoFundMe page at:, click on the
    donate button above, or send your donation to BLT, 55 East Jordan St., Brevard, NC 28712.

2. Find potential benefactors outside of the BLT family.

3. Host a fundraiser at your home or business.

4. Let us know if you have commercial space for temporary storage.

5. Volunteer your time to help support our fundraising and moving efforts.

6. Share your ideas.


Help us make the dream come true and save our beloved theatre!

BLT Board of Directors

BLT is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donate now and get a tax deduction for 2019.   

Virtually in Love

January 31, February 1,2 & 7,8,9 2020

romantic comedy


Two brokers roll the digital dating dice by logging into a soul-mate-finding website. Honesty on their personal profiles nearly ruins their chances for love, causing love site web gurus and friends to convince them to over exaggerate themselves, almost to a point beyond recognition. However, the story routes these incompatible people across the world wide web and parks them in an authentic love, only an office space apart.


Annual Meeting

February 22, 2020

Our Annual Meeting where we announce our Board of Directors and will discuss the future of BLT.


Dancing With Our Stars

March 14, 2020


Our annual dance contest where you vote for the best dancing couples.

Sordid Lives

March 27,28,29 & April 3,4,5,  2020

dark comedy

(adult situations & language)


A black comedy about white trash!Peggy, a good Christian woman, hits her head on the sink and bleeds to death after tripping over her lover’s wooden legs in a motel room. Friends and 3 generations of their family travel down to attend her funeral and a clash of Bible thumpers and those from appearance-driven Hollywood clash. They learn to be yourself and love the family you have instead of the one you want.

20's Party

Date to be announced

variety fundraiser

Skits, dance, comedy, song and more from the 1920s to the 2020s, a salute to the last 100 years.